Sunday, January 15, 2017

He's flexible

As I've said a few times, I try to keep politics out of this blog as much as possible. But Google News is pumping out a lot of stories right now about Family Feud's Steve Harvey meeting with Donald Trump to discuss inner cities and whatever else. This item from the Chicago Sun-Times is typical, and at least it offers some humor about a possible Feud match-up between the Trumps and the Obamas, or the Clintons.

All this chatter demonstrates Mr. Harvey's political flexibility. He endorsed Hillary in the election, and he's spent much of the last eight years as a particularly obsequious courtier to Barack and Michelle. Maybe he just wants to get in good with whoever is currently running the show. Which may not be such a bad idea. I'm not holding my breath on the Trump-Obama Feud clash, though.

I have no idea if the meeting between the real estate mogul and the show biz mogul will produce anything. They might try a revival of Trump Card. Every other old game show format seems to be getting a reboot.


  1. Uncle Tom sells out to Adolf Hitler. What a tool

  2. Hitler had a Jewish son-in-law? Hope nobody told him about that.

    Don't much care for the Uncle Tom analogy, either.

  3. Oh, I cut one of Hutato's idiotic comments (he doesn't post any other kind) because it was a spam repeat from another post.

  4. Even the black folks call "Ben Carson" Uncle Tom. Adjust Casey. Your "MAKE MURICA GREAT AGAIN" boy will be impeached within 100 days

  5. The GOP completely controls Congress, with a nearly 50-seat majority in the House of Representatives. I wouldn't put much money on impeachment any time soon, but you probably will.

    And when you get to be director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, then you can insult Carson. I'm not holding my breath on such a career improvement for you, though. You somehow managed to misplace the quotation marks in your goofy comment, not to mention that Carson wasn't even mentioned in my original post.