Saturday, January 28, 2017


The game show hills are alive with the sound of cackling. There's been another massive goof on Wheel of Fortune.

Hapless contestant Samantha Philio from the Seattle area did a fine job of cracking the puzzle in the picture. She then read the obvious solution as "ice fields, water, glaciers." Of course, she was dinged for not reading "falls." The mistake cost her twenty-nine grand, and she finished the show with only $2,000. This has set off much FAIL mirth on the Interwebs.

To be fair, a sympathetic sort on Buy a Vowel noted that the puzzle omitted the expected "and" between "waterfalls" and "glaciers." This may well have tripped up Samantha when she tried to read the board.

I try not to join in the derisive laughter when things like this happen on game shows. I know only too well that I would be a hopeless wreck under the lights when serious money was at stake. But this screwup was painful...and, I hate to admit, funny.


  1. Because grumpus said so. Casey's site is deader than gsf.

  2. I deleted another one of HD's comments for profanity. At least he kept his comment clean on this post. But lots of people were giggling at the WoF goof. The Interwebs are not sentimental.

  3. Laughing at someone misfortunes (not to mention the embarrassment) doesn't make it funny....but, heh, it's your blog.

  4. You gotta be kidding. My blog post is very sympathetic to the contestant compared to a lot of the comments on the Internet. The $28,000 Wheel of Fortune brain fart fail! is a typical example from YouTube...