Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fan review

A faux tweet linked to a grumbling review of ABC's upcoming Big Fan. It was an example of the gripes and groans from snootier TV critics about prime time game shows.

But I'm happy to report that some critics don't mind our little genre invading the sacred precincts of broadcast prime time. (Usually a lot of crappy scripted shows occupy the sacred precincts. Then the shows get cancelled or the networks string them along until they can get a syndication deal.)

This take on Big Fan sounds a lot chirpier about the premise and game shows in general. Words like "fun" and "good time" appear without snark. It's a refreshing change from the high-and-mighty disdain the genre often receives.

Of course, I haven't seen Big Fan yet. I'll give you my unvarnished opinion on Monday after the show's debut. But I promise not to trash all game shows. That wouldn't make much sense on a game show blog, would it?

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  1. Odd. Thanks in part to the NFL, last night's To Tell The Truth rerun had 5.2 million and a 1.4 in the demo. It did better than the original airing which had 3.7 million.