Saturday, January 14, 2017

Can't kill it

As the unrelated update to yesterday's post mentioned, Millionaire will be around for at least one more year.

In fact, if you can believe TV News Check, the show will continue for a couple more years. The chart in the TV News Check story may be wrong, but the news of a one-year renewal looks genuine. It's a press release from ABC, after all.

The show has definitely nosed up in the ratings this season, thanks to better time slots and Chris Harrison's steady hand as host. After Meredith Vieira got bored with the gig, the show went on a silly search for the next Steve Harvey. This elusive creature has never turned up, and Millionaire sure couldn't find him as the numbers eroded.

Finally, they settled on a proven host in Harrison, who seems to have righted the ship. He understands that Millionaire is a challenging quizzer, not a comedy vehicle. In fact, the show is now getting numbers that look just fine compared to many syndies in other genres.

TV News Check noted in their story - no doubt correctly - that launching new syndies has become more hazardous than defusing bombs. That's because most of the newbies are bombs. Might as well stick with something that's been here since 2002.


  1. Looks like a job opening or two right now in the syndicated world

    Feud host replacement? Anyone? Bueller?

    1. Stay tuned for a blog post coming tomorrow (January 15).

  2. how wuz hat putato plaed? did bil kulin tos a putato at thu kuntestintz? tat wud b a funi.