Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blah blah blah on game shows

Pity the poor TV critic who has to write about game shows. The pundit can't take the genre too seriously, unless the show in question is Jeopardy, with its Peabody award and hoity-toity appeal. So heavy doses of cynicism and archness are necessary to get through the review.

A typical example is this Vulture mishmash about The Wall. The critic - somebody named Jen Chaney who I've never heard of, but then she's never heard of me, either - calls the Plinko knockoff "the Most American Game Show on TV." Oh boy, right away you get a real good idea where this is going. Sure enough, Ms. Chaney bashes the show for sins like the largeness of the wall and the neediness of the contestants.

But in the end she doesn't want to sound too much like a snooty elitist looking down her nose at her fellow Yanks (which I suspect may be an accurate description). So she tells us that her nine-year-old son is a big fan of the show, and she can somehow tolerate it as well. That's nice, Jen.

The Wall won't win any Peabodys and it might not even win a second season, though the ratings are decent enough so far. But at least pretentious critics will not decide its fate.


  1. It don't matter what she thought. The ratings last night were pretty solid. 6.7 million and a good 1.7 in the demo. It was second in total viewers and in the demo for the 8 pm slot.

    It might not topple NCIS, but it does create competition for ABC's comedy block from 8 to 9 pm.

  2. What a good, solid hour of entertainment. And they don't 5th Grader the pacing and let it move pretty quickly.