Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Remember when video games were big clunky machines, and you went to an arcade to play them?

If you can't recall such ancient times, congratulations on your youth and inexperience. But back in the '80s a TV game show called Starcade celebrated those innocent days of arcade hopping. Contestants vied on various machines to pile up enough points to win a secret decoder ring and a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni. (Yes, I'm making those prizes up.)

Nothing ever really goes away in TV Land - cable network reference intended. An outfit called Shout Factory is planning to reboot Starcade for another generation of video gamers. I assume the machines will be a lot smaller. Miniaturization has proceeded apace over the decades.

The linked story says: "Starcade was awkward, but not in a way that a video game-loving child of the '80s would have noticed." I dunno, I think just about anybody would have noticed that the show was awkward. Plenty of eps survive on YouTube, so you can judge for yourself. We'll see if the planned reboot ever shows up on TV.

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  1. Jd Roth for host. That seems legit. Unless we need to find somebody into "video games". I would think he would be