Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another chatfest

A faux tweet noted Celebrity Name Game host Craig Ferguson's new deal with SiriusXM for a daily radio talk show. Variety fills in more details, with a lot of quotes from the man himself.

The show debuts February 27 and Craig describes it as "kind of an experiment. It's a two-year deal. If I like them and they like me, we'll do more." At least he won't have a long commute. SiriusXM is building a radio studio in his Los Angeles house, though he will take the show on the road now and then.

Truth be told, I was never a huge fan of Ferguson's late night TV talker. The humor just seemed a little too special and precious to me. Maybe I'm biased toward our little genre, but I thought Celebrity Name Game actually did Craig a favor by confining him to a tighter format, so things didn't spin too far out of control. At least the game show got him a couple daytime Emmys. Too bad it couldn't get a fourth season.

The radio show looks like it will be more or less Craig's old late night TV show, just without pictures. Ferguson is even bringing back a couple producers from the TV days. One of his comments sounds particularly insightful: "The [late night talk] shows have either become super-political or super-glitzy show business. I didn't fit into either camp particularly well." True enough, and good luck to Craig on radio.

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  1. And CNG's ratings weren't too bad, but couldn't survive the daytime war. At least Craig has a new job at least. Good luck to him on that.