Friday, December 30, 2016

You can learn some things from this blog

Hadn't dropped in for a while on my fan club at Game Show Forum. And what do I see? Bill Cullen as Santa Claus! That's a nice touch, even if the slender Bill wouldn't have made a very convincing Santa.

Also saw this thread about GSN's annual Christmas stunt - which concludes today - of graveyard-shift What's My Line and I've Got a Secret. Before the stunt began, the GSFers seemed befuddled over who was appearing on the episodes. Gee, guys, if you had read my blog instead of just dumping on it, you would have known. Way back before my detour through the hospital, I posted the information on original air dates and guest celebs.

One nice fellow at GSN is still sending me occasional info about the schedule, though I remain off-limits for the complete pdfs. Maybe they think I'm radioactive since my emergency hernia operation. Come on, GSN, break down and admit that I'm hopelessly harmless. Just send me the complete pdf advance schedules once more, and everything will be hunky-dory. (How's that for an ancient adjective?)

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  1. SIDENOTE FOR YOUR SIDEBAR: Todd Newton was rear ended by a drunk driver a few nights ago. He is OK! The woman tried to leave the scene and he stopped her. She obviously earned a one way trip to the local county hotel. This was posted on his FB account.