Friday, December 23, 2016

Year in review

Yahoo has listed five top game show moments of 2016. No doubt it's only the first of several such lists that will soon turn up around the game show Interwebs.

In fact, Yahoo's list does lead off with a nice moment on Family Feud. A couple announces they're expecting their first child, and it comes as a surprise even to the other family members. But let's be honest, Cindy Stowell's recent run on Jeopardy isn't just the top moment of 2016 in game shows, it's one of the all-timers.

I haven't wanted to sentimentalize Cindy's victories too much, because her posthumous Jeopardy episodes have been getting so much publicity around the Internet and the old media. And I can understand why Yahoo (among others) wouldn't want to place such a grim reminder of mortality on their list. But now and then we all need to recall that time always wins, and our place in this life is precarious and short.

Under any circumstances I'm not a big fan of year-end lists. But Cindy tops 2016 for game shows, and maybe any kind of show.

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