Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why must I lose to this idiot?

As a faux tweet noted, on January 19 GSN will pair the debut of Divided with the season four (already?) premiere of Idiotest.

Time flies when you're having fun with idiots. The Ben Gleib visual puzzle epic has ground through 145 eps since its debut in August, 2014. Reruns have also abounded, which only proves that idiocy is a saleable commodity.

I like the small doses. After a while I miss too many of the puzzles and start feeling like a, well, you know what. I goofed the puzzle in the screenshot, for instance. (Hint: check the first syllable in "rations.") Another problem for me is Ben Gleib's hosting style. He often seems to want to score sarcastic points off the contestants, instead of wanting them to win the damn game. I don't like an obvious cheerleader as host of a game show, but Ben could be a little kinder to the players.

Idiotest has never been a runaway hit in total viewers, but the show does skew young by GSN's geriatric standards. So season four dawns next month. Happy new year to all us idiots!


  1. Well, since Rahner's blog is gone, I guess I'll have to start posting my comments here now, if that's alright.

    I always thought Idiotest paired better with The Chase as its lead-in. Now it seems like GSN is only renewing it because they can't come up with any other GOOD ideas for game shows. Idiotest is quickly approaching Chuck's Lingo in terms of number of seasons and episodes, and at least for me, it's starting to lose part of its charm. When you commit to at least 40 episodes per season and multiple seasons air per year, it begins to get repetitive real quick, especially with the current GSN schedule, of which 90% basically consists of Family Feud and Idiotest.

    I don't think Divided is going to help Idiotest's ratings. It feels like GSN is trying to use Divided as a cheaper version of The Chase, to copy the 2014 combo of The Chase and Idiotest being paired together.

    Personally, I'm more interested in The Wall than anything GSN has on its plate. Unless GSN is secretly working on another brand new in-studio game show that actually has a good premise and concept, I think I'll continue avoiding the channel. Might tune in for a few eps of Divided, but that's pretty much it.

  2. Rahner's blog needs to come back! He was the ultimate game show news authority! But I'm glad at least Casey allows me and my ATGS bretheren to speak our minds without getting censored.

    Also, GSN has learned its lesson, and the Chase/Idiotest pairing will return in 2017. The Chase is NEW! NEW! NEW!

    1. And that is false false false. Unless you provide facts. Stop posting false news. I'm not buying it.

    2. And Pat is INSANE! INSANE! INSANE!