Wednesday, December 7, 2016

While I was gone

While I was on my winter medical vacation, the biggest game show story was the surprising cancellation of Celebrity Name Game after three seasons. Sure the show regularly trailed the field among syndie gamers, but the numbers were hardly terrible compared to other genres. In the latest available week, Craig Ferguson and buddies had actually scrambled to a season high.

The show couldn't have been that expensive. Prize money was chintzy and the top prize was tough to get. The celebs on the show were not high up the alphabet lists, and Craig himself hadn't moved into the later expensive years of a host's career on a show.

All the execs involved made the usual noises about how great the show was and how great Craig was and how greatly they believe in the format. So everything is great except the show is dead. I really liked the lively Pyramid knockoff, and at least it had three good years.

By the way, school's been out for the last couple weeks in the comments on this blog. For the most part the comments have been reasonable and civil, but there have been exceptions. I run a loose ship on comments, anyway, but I'll be watching things a little more closely now.


  1. I who am as much as troll as any and I don't think someone should have mentioned RIP Casey when Casey didn't die. I thought the post was coming from someone who was not a troll and thought it was true.

  2. I guess CNG just couldn't compete with Celebrity Bucket Kickers.

    Catherwood Chain Reaction is NU! NU! NU!

  3. It's time for...the Celebrity Name Game/Celebrity Bucket Kickers HOUR!

    1. And Casey just claimed to be watching comments lmfao!

  4. This whole blog is becoming a joke. No sense of coming here to read Zach and Lexie's bs