Monday, December 26, 2016

'Tis the season

The recently deceased George Michael is getting a lot of media kudos for his charity. One item recounts how he helped a contestant on the British Deal or No Deal with money for medical treatment. (See the screenshot.)

This reminds me of Queen for a Day, the bizarre game show where women contestants competed with stories about their terrible lives. Jack Bailey hosted in the most unctuous style imaginable. The contestant with the most appealing story got a lot of merchandise and other goodies. The other contestants also got some help.

Charitable giving is always welcome, and George Michael deserves credit for not seeking publicity for a lot of his good works. It's also nice to know that he was enough of a game show fan to tune into Deal or No Deal once in a while. The genre actually helped somebody! (Okay, lots of contestants have gotten much needed cash from game shows.)

I get a little antsy when game shows make a big deal about their charitable side. But this George Michael item is a pleasant reminder that more than a few contestants have picked up some welcome assistance.

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