Saturday, December 10, 2016

Three for the money

Three new entrants in our little genre are about to take their bows. ABC's Big Fan, NBC's The Wall, and Spike's Caraoke Showdown. So the natural question is which has the best chance to succeed.

The natural answer is to wait for the numbers from the Nielsen Company, but that's so boring. Let's try some cheap and easy prognostication, based on the trailers and other info already out there on the web.

All three of these shows seem to have some plusses. The Wall has, well, the wall, which has entertained people in a lower tech version for decades on The Price is Right. Big Fan has celebs galore and the endless allure of celeb-worship. Caraoke Showdown has more than a passing resemblance to James Corden's late night segments, which have racked up impressive YouTube stats.

But what any new show really needs is gentle comparisons to other shows on its network. The cancellation bear effect, in other words. By this standard, Craig Robinson's karaoke project looks to have the easiest ticket to success. It takes a lot fewer viewers to survive on Spike than on a big four broadcast network.


  1. Nbc hasn't had much luck with game shows. Hollywood game night might be the only good one since Case or no Case

  2. The Winner's Circle has taken an offer to leave Pyramid for this show, I see.