Friday, December 16, 2016

Telegenic contestant

It's just another contestant story, but this SF Weekly article about San Francisco's Brette Humphrey on The Price is Right has a few interesting features.

For one thing, Brette got some hints that she would be picked for Contestants Row. The demos were working for her, as the studio audience that day was mostly older. (Sorry, demos are brutal in this business.) And then there was the hand sign and the glimpse of a name card...

A brief, one-on-one interview with a "guy that's been part of The Price Is Right for like 30 years" resulted in a hand motion that seemed promising, flagging her as a likely contestant. And because it's so loud in the studio that people don't always hear their names called, someone holds up a sign — and Humphrey spotted a quick glimpse of part of her name, so she had a second to get prepared.

So next time you spot your name on one of those cards, get ready to bid. The story also asks whether Brette got p.o.ed over the $1 overbid that another contestant laid on her. "You know you're on camera, so you don't want to look too upset." Not to mention that she did the same thing to another contestant.

Everything eventually worked out fine for Brette. She won over fifty-two grand in cash and merchandise, including a Chevy SUV.

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  1. Brette Humphrey gets a cyberial cigar for her Price is Right winnings. Well done, my dear (lights Brette's portofino).