Saturday, December 17, 2016

So polite

AV Club goes round the board with their writers for nooks and crannies of pop culture they discovered in 2016.

Joe Blevins picks What's My Line as his personal fave of the year. Thanks to YouTube he's found the charm of the simple job-guessing show. Oddly enough, he doesn't mention the WML YouTube channel by name, especially considering that it's one of the very best game show sites anywhere on the web.

He also doesn't talk about Fremantle's absurd attempt to close down the channel, or even about WML's regular and extensive presence on Buzzr. Joe does say that he was a GSN freak back in the early 2000s, but he ignores the network's usual Christmas stunt of graveyard-shift What's My Line and I've Got a Secret. (Which begins Monday.)

Joe's impressed that everything and everybody were so polite on WML, even when an intruder strolled up to Melina Mercouri and John Daly. The intruder was quite genteel and he was ejected courteously.


  1. I also got hooked on "What's My Line?" from GSN -- back when they had "Black and White Overnight" every night. I must have missed the intruder incident, though...hadn't heard about that one. (And yes, kudos as always to the fantastic WML? channel on YouTube for keeping the videos alive).

  2. Besides the Melina Mercouri ep, there was also an intruder who interrupted one of Milton Berle's WML appearances. "My agent," quipped Miltie.