Monday, December 12, 2016


This blog has pretty much managed to escape the Kardashian phenomenon, or whatever you want to call it.

But no more. Big Fan, ABC's upcoming game show for, you guessed it, big fans of various celebs, will feature the perfect celeb for the role, Kim Kardashian. Her ep was taped back in May, which means a lifetime of famous-for-being-famous has passed in the meantime. Of course, Google News is full of chatter about Kim's appearance, like this Daily Mail outpouring.

Kim is the ultimate creature of reality TV, the bastard offspring of our little genre. So I guess it's only appropriate that she will finally turn up in an actual game show. She looks surprisingly winsome in the stills from the show (see the screenshot). I'm sure she'll treat her big fans nicely on Big Fan. That's the least we can expect from a celeb, no?


  1. I'm looking for the Card Sharks 2001 episode where a contestant uses a clip chip and the producers put in the Kim K. sex tape as a prank on Pat Bullard. Pat laughs hysterically for 5 minutes straight then finally says, "Oh what the f***, it's not like anyone has been watching us!" The swearing was not edited out of the original broadcast.

    1. I have that. I'll trade for the GSN Newlywed Game episode where guest host Bob Newbanks asks the infamous "Where is the weirdest place you've ever had the urge to make whoopee?" question, and one of the men responds with "In Kim Kardashian's ass". His wife kicked him in the sack for that response.

  2. I got scared at first when I saw that still. That looked like the Winner's Circle. I was saying "Who the heck let HER on Pyramid?"

  3. If her booty is showing, they'll win the nielsens that night. That's probably the demographic they are targeting