Thursday, December 15, 2016

Heavy metal

With Big Fan about to descend on us, Jimmy Kimmel did one of the segments that inspired the show.

Rock 'n' roll Hall of Famers Metallica took on one of their superfans, a fireman from Cleveland (home of the HOF, by the way) named Dave. The contest went the band's way, as they knew their own trivia pretty well. But Dave still got a nice consolation prize, a free trip to one of the band's concerts next summer.

The segment was a lot of fun to watch as a raucous frat-boy atmosphere prevailed. I don't know how well the fun and games will translate to the new ABC game show, but the idea works pretty well as a late night talk show segment.

Andy Richter will host Big Fan. He's always struck me as a little too prissy for his own good, but maybe he'll loosen up for the superfan high jinks. This won't exactly be Jeopardy, after all. Just a lot of goofiness about various celebrities.

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