Saturday, December 31, 2016

Big fans

The news that Celebrity Name Game got the ax naturally set off cries and whimpers on the show's Facebook page.

I'm a fan, too, so I'm not a happy camper over the show's slightly puzzling demise. Yes, CNG always finishes last in the syndie game show ratings, but the numbers look decent compared to syndies in other genres that get renewed ad infinitum. (Wow, Latin on a game show blog!)

Chatterers like Steve Wilkos and Jerry Springer and Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz get pretty much the same ratings as CNG, and they get one renewal after another. By the way, Steve and Jerry both appeared on Celebrity Name Game. As I recall, Wilkos was okay and Springer was terrible.

The only good news is that CNG will run some new eps in February, at least if the Facebook page is to be believed. I'm getting a little tired of the retreads. There was also a vague hint that Fremantle might try the format somewhere else besides syndication. GSN maybe?


  1. You.might have heard the phrase AWOR, but you might not have heard AMOR (a month of reruns). That's exactly what Celebrity Name Game is doing.

  2. Wait until summer. You'll see months and months of reruns for just about every show.

  3. Family Feud in late November goes into nearly two months of reruns before returning in late January. Then in late February, it goes into a month and a half of reruns before finishing out the season in mid to late April. Then of course the three months of summer reruns.

    Every show has a cycle. Except for Jep and Wheel, they go daily until summer. Jep goes until late July.