Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wheeling and dealing

Another weekend, another repost from Game Show Paradise...

Speaking of GSN promotion, I'm a little surprised by how heavily the network is plugging the Wheel of Fortune acquisition. I figured Sony would make them tone it down, just so people didn't get the idea that Wheel was available any time of the day instead of the hallowed access spot.

Which gets me speculating. Sony has watched Family Feud garner endless publicity as the "new number one" game show. That's just an artifact of Feud's multiple (up to four) daily runs in syndication, of course. Nielsen helpfully adds up all the ratings for those runs and Feud comes out with a big number. As local ratings from Atlanta and other markets show, in the time slot when Feud goes head-to-head against Wheel, Steve gets slaughtered. (5.0 for Wheel vs. 1.4 for Feud in Atlanta at 7:00 PM. But adding up all of Feud's four daily runs in Atlanta makes it a virtual tie. 4.6 for Feud vs. that 5.0 for Wheel. The same thing happens in markets around the country.)

Meanwhile, Wheel has to generate all its ratings from one (1) daily run. Maybe Sony has finally decided that it's time for a second syndie run of Wheel each day, just like all the other syndicated game shows. Under Nielsen's add-'em-up system, that would restore Wheel to the number one slot in the weekly ratings. The GSN acquisition may be a test to see how Wheel can perform in other time slots, even opposite the dreaded TPiR.

Oh, the desire for Amy Davis' scalp is amusing. She's produced the best numbers the network has ever gotten. She'll have to stumble a lot more to get the ax. Window Whatever will hardly be the deciding factor, though I agree it's a very likely flop. The promos look unbelievably dorky. People you've never heard of rummage through a lot of miscellaneous stuff. Wow, what a winner.

UPDATE: It's just one day but Wheel of Fortune isn't doing much for GSN. The Thursday, November 3 eps pulled 142K and 150K total viewers, and almost no 18-49 viewers. Lingo was performing about the same in the death slot opposite The Price is Right.

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  1. first , putting modern wheel before a classic is terrible , you should put wheel of fortune on the weekend