Monday, November 14, 2016


A short thread on Game Show Paradise got squashed before it really got started.

The title is "Upsets in Game Shows," and the original post read: "Since the media has called Trump's win a monumental upset, what all upsets from game show history can we think of. Bruce Seymour winning the Super Jeopardy tourney was upset worthy." This got an immediate kibosh from a moderator: "First sentence: I'm going to throw the 'no politics' talk in the mix. That's as far as we're going to get in this thread. Anyone who wants to discuss this shall take it in the Debate board. If you didn't read the announcement, I'll ask that you do so."

I can understand why the mods don't want politics spilling over into every thread. (For the record, Trump only trailed by three points in the final RCP average before the election. And the state by state numbers looked even closer. So the upset wasn't that monumental.) Anyway, another poster chipped in one more comment: "First big upset that comes to mind is Ken Jennings' Jeopardy win streak getting snapped."

Yes and no. It was pretty unlikely on any given episode that Ken would lose. But sooner or later the streak had to end, barring a complete suspension of the laws of the game show universe. Nancy Zerg got lucky that Ken just couldn't nail that tax firm (see the screenshot). The moment, which is pretty impressive to watch, lives on YouTube.

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