Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The next item up for bid, er, on the checkout counter

Finally got around to watching the first episode of Save To Win, the CW's cut-rate answer to TPiR.

Hosted by Pat Neely, this shopping epic takes place in an oppressive atmosphere of Family Dollar product placement. Yes, I'm being too cynical. But the viewer is rarely allowed to forget who is sponsoring the show. Way back in the fifties, the networks got scrupulous about sponsor interference on game shows. As you probably know, there's a federal law on that subject now.

Two teams of hopelessly cute contestants (see the screenshot) play a bunch of games with various items of merchandise. Interestingly, they never guess prices. Instead they answer trivia questions, identify items while blindfolded, and try to remember everything that went into a big Family Dollar (there I go again) shopping bag.

That's the front game. The bonus round is a simple pure-chance try at five grand. In the first episode the winning contestants missed the "big" money and had to settle for $1,350. It's a CW budget, folks.

Pat Neely was a little high on sugar content but at least he seemed happy to be there. The contestants were chirpy and pleasant and the show moved along amiably enough. Nobody's going to put this thing on a list of the fifty greatest game shows ever. But it will do as an addition to the CW's "One Magnificent Morning" on Saturday.

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  1. Now, if Dollar General gets one, I'm in! LOL!