Monday, November 7, 2016

SNL and more SNL

On the weekend when I scrounge around Google News for game show bits, I often run across a ton of stories about the latest Saturday Night Live game show parody.

SNL generates web traffic a lot better than it produces big viewer numbers. The latest ep got a five-something household rating. Which ain't bad by current broadcast standards, but it's not like a gigantic swath of the country is glued to the late night proceedings. The typical ep of Wheel of Fortune does a better household number.

But SNL still has some cachet for aging millennial TV critics, so the web stories pile up. The latest game show parody on the show was: "Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?" This is not a question I've given much thought to. But this Bustle blurb is a typically admiring piece about the brilliance of Saturday Night Live's skit. It's one of many adoring raves about the segment in Google News this morning.

Maybe I should be happy that the genre can still attract some notice from self-consciously hip pundits, even if they're lauding a game show parody. Usually it takes a completely insane blooper on a real game show to garner such attention. Or a computer beating a Jeopardy champ.

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