Saturday, November 12, 2016

Schedule note?

As I've posted, GSN no longer sends me their advance schedules. But I noted an odd entry on the network's lineup at ScreenerTV (formerly Zap2It).

Divided, GSN's upcoming reboot of a Brit format, gets a Friday, November 25 debut, according to the site. I really don't believe this, because not even the programming wizards at GSN would schedule a debut on Black Friday. Also, I've seen promos for GSN's Thanksgiving weekend marathons, and there was nary a word about Divided.

So I tend to think this is just a blooper. Wish I could be sure, but I don't have the advance schedules any more. Hey, GSN, if you want some free publicity for your upcoming shows, I'm available!

ScreenerTV also says that GSN will burn off some new eps of Winsanity on Saturday, November 26. I do believe this, because I recall glimpses of the show in the Thanksgiving promos. GSN has to dump the new eps sooner or later, anyway. Though Winsanity got pretty good numbers compared to the Hellevator disaster.

UPDATE: Just saw a promo on GSN that said Divided is coming in January. So it's possible that they're slipping in a sneak peek in the middle of all the Feud on Black Friday. We'll see.

UPDATED UPDATE: From the game show Interwebs, it does appear that GSN will try a sneak peek of Divided on Black Friday. Maybe they figure the show will get good sampling amidst all of Steve's stuff.


  1. The link took me to the schedule for all the channels. I wasn't at all surprised to see nothing but Family Feud for the next 4 or so hours.

    1. Really? The link took me right to the Divided description and time. (The time in my area is Central.) This is the verbiage...

      Genre: Game Show

      Four strangers debate and unanimously agree against a racing clock to win money.

      S01, E01

      Fri 11/25

  2. Looks like Mikey missed his meds today

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