Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rhyme me to the moon

Once in a while Game Show Newsnet really does cover game shows. You just have to find the items amid a bunch of stuff about reality shows, cookoffs, improv comedy, and whatever else the site wants to discuss that day. GSNN has started a new feature called "Games Gone By," which resurrects forgotten game shows from decades ago. The folks at Game Show Forum might be interested in this material.

This week's forgotten effort is Rhyme and Reason, a Match Game knockoff where celebs had to fill in the blanks with rhymes. No doubt the showrunners got the idea from Nipsey Russell's doggerel on Match Game and other game shows. Sure enough, Nipsey often (perhaps too often) graced Rhyme and Reason.

GSNN really likes the show, and it was hardly the worst comedy effort in our little genre. Bob Eubanks hosted with the required aplomb, and there were enough laughs to keep everybody happy. The show succumbed to tough competition, though, and only lasted for one season in 1975-76. You can watch a sample ep on YouTube.

GSNN also suggests a revival on Comedy Central. The network could do - and has done - much worse.

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