Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our little game show networks

This is getting to be a habit, I know. But game show news hasn't exactly been hot and heavy lately. The Candy Crush thing was the last major tidbit, and that was a while ago. So I'll just repost some comments of mine from Game Show Paradise about our genre's two little networks. First, GSN...

GSN's viewer averages for October were 345K/253K prime time/total day. Pretty bad compared to earlier this year. In the second quarter, for instance, the averages were 469K/311K. The disasters with Hellevator and Scare Tactics took a toll. If nothing else, just getting rid of those turkeys should help the November numbers, though Window Whatever looks like a loser.

Now Buzzr...

Buzzr rotates shows in and out of the slots that aren't taken up by Match Game, Family Feud, the black and white trio, and Let's Make a Deal. Even if there aren't many of those slots on weekdays (only four hours, in fact). In the interview with TV News Check, Fremantle exec Jennifer Mullin got a little defensive about how Buzzr uses the same shows for almost all of the weekday schedule. But the direct response advertisers want shows that make the phones ring, not obscurities that only a handful of game show fanatics remember.

As for Bob Barker and The Price is Right on Buzzr, Fremantle has all the eps in the world available. I'm sure they could put together a package for Buzzr that Barker wouldn't mind. CBS might be another matter, though once upon a time they did allow TPiR reruns on GSN. Again, it's hard to think of an old Fremantle game show (not already on Buzzr) that could boost the diginet significantly...except Barker TPiR.


  1. If Barker doesn't want certain models to be seen again in reruns(i.e. Janice, DIan, and Holly), that would leave 12/15/2000-6/15/2007. DIan and Holly were seen in reruns on GSN after they left the show, and Janice was seen in an early 70s half hour episode rerun on CBS in February 2002 in the wake of their last time airing the Pillsbury Bakeoff half hour special.

  2. The only other game show that could do that is MG/HS Hour.

    1. With all due respect, I doubt the MG/HS hour would do anything for Buzzr. The show flopped in its initial run, after all.