Thursday, November 24, 2016

Odd bit of Jeopardy history

Remember Ben Ingram?

If the name doesn't ring a bell, Ben was the Mr. Nice Guy Jeopardy contestant who won the 2013 tournament of champions. This was one of the more anticipated T of C's ever, because the other two players in the final were Julia Collins and Arthur Chu. They had racked up winning streaks of twenty and thirteen games. Ben was no slouch himself with an eight-game win streak. But the Julia-Arthur clash was sort of matter vs. antimatter, fan favorite vs. fan, well, not so favorite.

In the tournament final Julia was never a factor and Ben edged out Arthur, much to many viewers' relief. Now Ben Ingram's girlfriend, Liz Hutchens, will take her own shot at the answer and question game this Friday. She's a registered nurse in Pineville NC, and like all Jeopardy contestants, she's keeping mum about the results ahead of the broadcast. "All I can say is I hope everyone enjoys the episode."

She also says she didn't feel any competition with her famous (in Jeopardy circles, anyway) boyfriend. She did feel like she was playing against the buzzer.

UPDATE: Liz did a bit worse than Ben. In fact, she finished third with zip in the bank. Can't win 'em all.

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  1. about the newlywed game: i definitely don't think it should be on GSN Saturday mornings anymore because people do not like it and has many reruns in fact , according to the ratings , it's 5.1/10.0