Saturday, November 26, 2016

Movie review

Just watched the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie. It should have been subtitled: Catalog of References to the Game Show.

Which is fine with me, because they're referring to the best kid game show ever. The story of the movie is simple: three terminally cute kids run through the hidden temple. Along the way they meet every bit of the old game show you can imagine, from Kirk and Olmec to the scary temple guards to the green monkey (who swipes every scene he's in).

The movie's production values are decent, though the CGI effects aren't the best ever. The target audience of kids and their parents will enjoy the thrills and spills, and there's even some coy humor. Like all the kids on the game show, the kids in the movie have a tough time assembling the silver monkey from those three little pieces. Kirk has trouble himself with the gadget at the end of the flick.

There's a heavy hint of an upcoming sequel, but the movie never tips its hand about a possible revival of the game show itself. That's what we would all like to see, right?

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  1. Who needs new episodes of Legends of the Hidden Temple when the greatest kids' game show ever has new episodes on Hulu? Wheel 2000 is NEW! NEW! NEW!