Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Making Olmec come alive

As everybody knows by now, Nick '90s nostalgia has burst all bounds, blown past all barriers, and generally gotten out of hand.

With the Double Dare special and the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie this week, Google News is getting stuffed - no Thanksgiving reference intended - with Nick stories. Aging millennial writers are reliving the glory days of their childhood, when they plopped themselves in front of boxy TV sets and watched Olmec and the green slime. One of the more interesting items is an interview with Legends showrunner Scott Stone.

Scott has some funny stories about how they brought Olmec to semi-life. Hint: it was all very low-tech. He also addresses the mini-controversy about the show being "rigged" to produce few winners. He says they really wanted more kids to make it through the Temple Run. But the poor young'uns would freeze up on the way and get too scared of the temple guards to do things right.

There's an intriguing tidbit about a new game show in development at Nick, but he gives no details. Finally, he has a tip for any kid game show. "Try to create a show where [kids] get to do what they do every day at school, but get prizes for it." Legends did that very well, which is one of the reasons it's the best kid game show ever.

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