Sunday, November 6, 2016

For Internet eyes only

Celebrity Name Game puts a bunch of videos on the web, like a lot of other game shows. Only they sometimes do web exclusives, with celebs giving each other clues. For instance, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow bounced back and forth on Friends trivia (natch). Now Lance Bass and AJ McLean do, what else, boy band trivia.

The linked Billboard story opines: "It's nostalgia at its finest." That might depend on how nostalgic you are for Joey Fatone. There are some more of the web-only celeb rounds on the CNG YouTube channel. They're marked "BONUS ROUND" for those (like Perez Hilton) who might confuse them with actual segments from the TV show. If you're not thrilled with Courteney and Lisa playing Friends trivia, you can also watch them try synonyms for sex. Courteney has trouble nailing "screw" but the light finally dawns.

No matter how many of these bonus rounds the show puts on the web, they don't seem to affect the ratings. I'm starting to think that a hydrogen bomb couldn't knock Celebrity Name Game off its 1.3 number. At least the show is probably safe for renewal with that rating in today's syndie world. As long as Craig Ferguson doesn't get tired of hosting the show. Let's hope all that dancing doesn't wear him out.

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