Thursday, November 17, 2016

Comics do it best?

Billy Gardell is taking his standup act to Michigan this weekend, so he's doing the usual publicity interviews. Gardell actually strikes me as a thoughtful guy who has interesting things to say. I've watched him on Celebrity Name Game and he plays the game well. Very quiet and methodical, and usually ready with good clues.

In this interview with a Michigan site, Billy talks about his experience on Monopoly Millionaires Club. The show only lasted two seasons, but he did a fine job as host and garnered a Daytime Emmy nom. Gardell says one problem with the show was that they gave away too much money. Maybe even state lotteries - they sponsored the show as a vehicle to sell tickets to their associated lottery game - can only dole out so much cash.

He also comments on comics in our little genre. "Comics make the best game show hosts because it's second nature to us, joking around." He would get more than a little disagreement from some traditionalists on the game show Interwebs. These folks are usually unhappy with Steve Harvey on Family Feud, and they tend to be sour on comedians in general as game show hosts.

I'm more or less agnostic on the issue, though I agree that a game show host should be quick with a quip. But Alex Trebek has made a nice living as a host, and nobody would call him a comedian. So it may take all kinds.

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