Thursday, November 3, 2016

A line of wine

For those who don't know - which is probably most of you, because the show gets viewer numbers like 115K - You're the Worst is a dramedy on FXX.

This week the show featured one of the most famous bloopers from Wheel of Fortune, the hilarious "I Have the Wine by Johnny Cash." The real solution, of course, was "I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash." But an unfortunate lady contestant earned permanent YouTube infamy with the crazy guess.

This prompts an Uproxx critic to float some humorous conspiracy theories about You're the Worst. The blooper happened on Wheel in early 2013, which means it's chronologically out of whack with You're the Worst in 2016. So do we have time travel going on? Or is the dramedy really three years old and just surfacing on FXX now?

I'm not sure and I don't care. One odd comment in the linked story: "Wheel of Fortune is not in the habit of running three-year-old reruns." Up until a few days ago, that was true. But then three-year-old reruns of Wheel turned up on GSN. I watched a couple of them today.

Hm, maybe there really is some gigantic conspiracy...


  1. Hey Casey, this is entirely unrelated, but do you know what happened to GameShowNetworkNews? Both the blog and Scott's Twitter account are down, for me at least...

    1. Yeah, I wonder what happened, too.

    2. I just posted a blog entry about this.