Monday, October 31, 2016

Where to drop it

One of the critical issues facing the civilized world is...where to drop the Plinko chip. On Stephen Colbert's late night show Drew Carey opined on what he considers the best strategy.

My theory is, you should drop it from the center, and the dot of the 'I' is, if you're looking at it, is off to the left just a little bit. So, you want to drop it where the break in the 'N' is on the bottom. You wanna drop it from there, that's right in the middle. If I was playing Plinko I would drop it from right there and just let it go. I wouldn't shove it or put any spin on it... that to me has the best chance of winning $10,000.

Who am I to argue? But as the linked story points out, other approaches have been successful. The story embeds the video of the lady who won thirty grand by dropping chip after chip near the "L."

What I'd like to do is just stuff the chips in the ten grand slot at the bottom. Is that legal? Maybe Michael Larson could have figured this out.

On a slightly related note, I happened to see a 1992 ep of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show on Antenna, with a new young comic named Drew Carey. He was funny! He didn't get to talk to Johnny, but another guest named Regis Philbin praised "the comic" - Reege obviously couldn't remember his name - for one of the funnier bits. Game show history in the making, and neither of them knew it.


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  2. Being a former math teacher, we used Pascal's Triangle to determine the best placement on the board to drop the drop. A really good article can be found here:

    IMO, it's the best game on TPIR because of the sheer excitement factor the game provides. It also make for some really good math lessons.