Saturday, October 8, 2016

They said it

I'm not really sure where Fenton, MI is, though I could look it up on Wikipedia. But a completely biased poll of five residents in a supermarket, with a 100% margin of error, shows that Family Feud is pretty popular there. Asked what game show they would like to be on, three out five dentists, er, grocery shoppers picked that show with Steve Harvey.

The reasons? "Because I want to meet Steve Harvey." "I like Steve Harvey, he's funny." "It's always really funny." Looks like funny wins the day in Fenton. One dissenter said he'd like to be on Jeopardy "because it'd be a challenge." True enough, especially if you ran across Seth Wilson. And one shopper has apparently been reading Game Show Newsnet too much. She picked Whose Line Is It Anyway. Honey, I don't care what GSNN says, Whose Line is not a game show.

This oddly charming tidbit from Fenton comes to us courtesy of "Tess DeGayner, intern." She gets credit as the compiler (not writer) of the story. Which means she bothered these five people into giving their answers and then getting their pictures taken. At least they got onto the local web site.

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