Saturday, October 15, 2016

The week that was

Yahoo has been in the news lately for its slow-motion sale to Verizon.

Business pundits seem entranced by this on-again, off-again deal. They just can't resist the saga of Yahoo, an Internet 1.0 giant brought low by the forces of online change and offline mismanagement. I'm not all that worried about Yahoo one way or the other, but I do like their "Week in Game Shows" feature.

I've blogged before about this video mashup of weekly highlights from our little genre. This week leads with a sweet announcement on Family Feud. A couple reveals to their other family members that they're expecting their first child. Which made me try to remember how my wife and I told people that our first kid was on the way. I think we just made phone calls. A lot more prosaic than a Feud appearance.

Yahoo then gets yucky by piling on Alex Trebek for his harmless dig at nerdcore hip-hop. Can't anybody take a joke any more? The nerdy contestant even leads into Alex's teasing comment by confessing that she and her fellow enthusiasts have trouble on the dating scene.

Then there's the 45,237,819th overamped contestant on The Price is Right. This show has an endless supply of shiny merchandise and rabid players. Yahoo wraps up with a puzzle from Wheel of Fortune, as usual. The entire video runs little more than a minute, which is nice and quick.

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