Monday, October 24, 2016

Rummaging around BuzzerBlog

Hadn't checked the BuzzerBlog Facebook page in quite a while. So I looked in today. There were some political comments, and I think I know where they're coming from. There were also some blurbs for British game shows, and I think I know where they're coming from, too.

One non-political and non-British entry praised the Big Money Week stunt on The Price is Right. As I've confessed in the past, TPiR isn't my favorite show, probably because shopping isn't my favorite activity. I don't know the prices for just about anything. But what interested me about this entry was the commentary from the site's readers. They poked some fun at Golden Road for obsessing about TPiR's supposedly glorious past compared to the allegedly awful current show.

I've done some of this criticism of Golden Road myself. The board is part of a general trend on the traditionalist game show Interwebs to overvalue the past and denigrate the present. There seems to be a strong feeling around the net that game shows went past their prime in 1990 or so. (Though Golden Road extends the prime for TPiR until that sad day when Bob handed over the mike to Drew.)

Haters gonna hate, and if some people don't like modern-day game shows, well, they ain't gonna like them. I'm pretty much all over the place on game show history. I purely love some of the older shows and blog about them often. But a lot of the current shows look pretty good to me, too. Just can't make up my mind.


  1. BuzzerBlog supports copyright nazis, and not the little guy. I hate them.

    1. Probably because they're paid by the copyright nazos. I swear, they have to be the biggest douchebags ever.

  2. Game Shows today are the best they have ever been! Many around the internet love the modern era, too.