Saturday, October 1, 2016

No respect, I tell ya (cont.)

It's an old story that our little genre is the humblest on TV. Game shows get heaping helpings of disdain from media people of all sorts.

The 777 zillionth example occurs in this puff piece about Bea Arthur, the late actress best known for Golden Girls and Maude. Amid endless praise heaped on the actress, her son comments: "My mom was the real deal. I think she felt she was more of an actress than Betty [White]. Mom came from Broadway. Betty starred on a game show at one point."

Cue the gagging. Of course, Betty starred on game shows a lot more than "at one point." She was one of the genre's best and most enthusiastic performers throughout the decades. But it's telling that her efforts on game shows have become a count in some sort of asinine indictment against her.

The estrangement between Betty White and Bea Arthur has never been a secret. Betty herself commented about the contentious relationship. I tend to think that Bea Arthur did look down her nose at her fellow performer, at least in part because of those déclassé game shows. I'm the real actress, honey, you're just some game show player.


  1. Because hosting the Star Wars Christmas special is way more classy than being on a game show ...

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