Sunday, October 30, 2016

More on Buzzr

Another weekend and I'm lazy again. So a repost from Game Show Paradise, about my suggestion for Buzzr's future...

Other poster: Source for this [comment by another poster about Bob Barker's preferences on possible The Price is Right reruns]? Only episodes known to be banned are the fur episodes.

Agree. Only thing I've ever heard about Barker's preferences is the nyet on fur. Well, he probably wouldn't like a few of the models, either, but I've never heard anything specific on this.

Two things. First, I doubt that Barker has any legal rights to veto any TPiR eps from re-airing. Second, though Fremantle would of course only want to re-air eps that would meet with Barker's approval, they would still have no problem putting together a nice package for Buzzr. They've got thousands of episodes to choose from.

I have no idea if Barker TPiR will ever see the light of diginet. But if Buzzr really wants to build itself into a significant competitor with GSN, Barker TPiR is the kind of major property that could help make it happen. I can't think of any other Fremantle oldie (not currently on Buzzr) which would have nearly as much impact. Now You See It or Trivia Trap wouldn't exactly make a gigantic splash.

Sure, if Buzzr ever decides to go with recent shows, Harvey Feud would obviously be the impact choice. But I think Fremantle enjoys those rights fees from GSN too much. And I don't see Buzzr going away from oldies any time soon, anyway. That seems to be their niche and they're sticking to it.


  1. Casey, why is GSN doing this? Why is GSN reducing the mailing list of those who get the advance schedules, such as Gameshownetworknews? I hope you have not been pruned by them. You received two new ones last week, after GSN started doing this.

  2. I don't know if GSN is really cutting down the mailing list. It's just something that Scott Rahner said on his blog. We'll see if I keep getting the pdfs.