Friday, October 14, 2016

Is this show possible?

Imagine Wipeout on a budget of $6.95. You're imagining Almost Impossible Game Show, which debuted last night on MTV. I caught up with the first episode on the network's web site.

The only redeeming social value in a stunt show like this is the litany of fails, punctuated by snarky commentary from non-empathetic hosts. Almost Impossible had plenty of fail and snark, as six not particularly well-coordinated contestants stumbled and bumbled and crashed and bashed and whammed and bammed their way through stunts with names like Rump Pump and Slippy Hill.

Eventually all the contestants but one ran through their allotment of forty fails. The last man literally standing got five hundred bucks and a trophy which fell out of a Cracker Jack box. A couple of Irish guys called the Rubberbandits (real names Dave Chambers and Bob McGlynn) chortled and criticized as the contestants flailed away at the occasionally painful and always cheap stunts. The rubber guys never showed up on camera, and you can see why from the photo in their Wikipedia article. Faces made for radio.

I don't know if the contestants' cuss words got bleeped on TV, but the web site left the swearing in. One stumblebum named Millicent might have set a record for f-word use in a half-hour show. She bombed out in a f---ing hurry.

UPDATE: The show landed on its rump in the ratings. 262K viewers and a 0.12 18-49 rating. Fail!

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