Wednesday, October 26, 2016

History of a sort

Game show contestant stories are a dime a dozen on the Internet. But this one is a little different.

In both a faux tweet and a video blurb, I noted how three contestants on The Price is Right's October 17 show all spun $1.00 on the big wheel. Whether this is a sign of the apocalypse or just a goofy coincidence is a matter of dispute. But one of the contestants, Texas's Manfred Zimmer, got his fifteen minutes on the local news. Okay, the video actually runs 1:05.

Mr. Zimmer ended up winning the showcase, which included a new car. But the triple $1.00 is what he'll be remembered for, if people actually remember game show stuff. Well, I guess they recall some things that happened on game shows. I know about Michael Larson, but that may be an unfair comparison. Larson engineered the greatest solve ever.

Manfred Zimmer says he also wants to try for Let's Make a Deal. They don't have a big wheel on that show, but maybe he can win another car.

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  1. I will declare Hole in One from yesterday's Big Money Week episode a technical $100,000 Win BECAUSE ALL SIX PRICING GAMES WERE LOST. Today's episode WILL HAVE nine pricing games and three Showcases.