Friday, October 7, 2016

Filthy lucre

Prurient interest in other people's money is only exceeded by prurient interest in other people's sex lives. Forbes doesn't have much to say about sex but they do specialize in money. Now they're breathlessly informing us which TV hosts earn the most.

In case you're interested and I know you are, four game show hosts make the top 20 list. Alex Trebek $16.5M, Pat Sajak $15.0M, Steve Harvey $14.5M, Drew Carey $12.5M. It's no accident that the four most watched game shows have the four best paid hosts.

Forbes also indulges in a bit of genre-bashing, which I've already ranted about at length. The financial rag (or site - do they even publish a paper magazine any more?) notes that the four game show hosts collectively outearn the four late night hosts on the list. "This year, the four highest-paid game show hosts made more than the four top-earning late night hosts, proving that cool doesn't always equal cash," opines Forbes.

Yeah, those game shows are hopelessly uncool. But somehow the game show hosts each get more viewers than any of the late night hosts. In fact, it's not even close. Last week Jimmy Fallon averaged 3.4M viewers to lead late night. All the game shows outdrew that number by a mile.

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