Sunday, October 9, 2016

Deep thinking

Nickelodeon '90s nostalgia long ago went completely out of control.

The new Legends of the Hidden Temple movie, teased at the New York version of Comic Con - how many versions are there? - is contributing to the spreading plague of Nick wistfulness. Now comes a really odd column from a site called Polygon. The Legends movie gets a bemused critic to wonder if she is a true child of the 1990s.

The short answer is who cares, and the longer answer is that I hope the column is tongue in cheek. But some of the verbiage does make me wonder. The critic concludes:
In short: Maybe I’m not the '90s kid I thought I was. But then, who am I? [emphasis in the original] Nickelodeon, I'll be sending you my therapy bills.
I doubt that the Legends movie will really send anybody to therapy, even an overwrought critic on a site that nobody's ever heard of. So I'm pretty sure that the column is all one big joke. But I always get antsy when our little genre sets off this kind of pseudo-profound speculation. Even if it's just a gag, I don't want game shows - or a TV movie based on a game show - giving anybody an identity crisis.

By the way, I'm a baby boomer. And the Legends movie doesn't change anything for me.

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