Thursday, October 6, 2016

Curated for fun

Now that I've given GSN a lick, I might as well post about our other little game show network, Buzzr.

The oldies diginet is setting up a low-rent version of GSN Games. Buzzr has made a deal with Ludia to create Buzzr Casino, a mobile app that is "packed with amazing free social slots and exciting casino games." It's just packed, I tell ya. (Reminds me of that line from '70s cult film The Warriors. "The chicks are packed, the chicks are packed!")

There are a few interesting notes from the press release. The Price is Right is included in the app somehow. Will we eventually see the show on the diginet? And the release mentions all the hosts of Family Feud except Steve Harvey. Will we see Combs and Karn and O'Hurley on Buzzr one of these days?

The release does the usual bragging about Buzzr getting into more markets and onto more systems, including cable operators. My provider Time Warner (or Spectrum or whatever) does carry the oldies subchannel now, though way up in the nosebleed section.

COMPLETELY UNRELATED UPDATE: Seth Wilson ends his Jeopardy run at twelve straight when he bets too small on the final clue. That ranks him fifth on the all-time list.

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