Monday, October 17, 2016

Burning question

As a faux tweet noted, ABC is more or less rebooting 5th Grader and calling it Five to Survive. Five presumably smart kids will help a presumably bumbling adult up a money tree.

By the way, a number of pundits have called the new show a cross between 5th Grader and Millionaire. Guys, the cross was already embedded in the 5th Grader format itself, which borrowed the money tree from Millionaire in the first place.

The other favorite pundit game is guessing who Ricky's co-host will be. Everybody assumes there will be a co-host actually asking the questions while Ricky works with the kids (and tries to avoid too much potty mouth). This listicle runs through possibilities like Louis CK and other, more Brit-centric performers.

All the possible choices in the article are male, which is unlikely in my view. ABC has used men to host all their recent game shows, and the diversity police are probably getting antsy. Look for a woman co-host. Somebody like Iliza Shlesinger, maybe. She's got experience hosting a game show and can provide a little youthful eye candy to balance Gervais. As for when the show will turn up on the alphabet net (Variety speak!) I don't have a clue.

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  1. Maybe, if it's a 5th Grader knockoff, they can get through more than 4-5 questions per show. That grew endlessly irritating on 5th Grader.