Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Awkwardly endearing

Last night I got caught up in the Giants' epic ninth-inning collapse to the Cubs. So I missed the premiere of Spike's That Awkward Game Show. But the web is a wonderful thing, and this morning I watched the ep on Spike's web site. (The playback was too herky-jerky, guys. Improve the site, please.) And the show was pretty much as advertised.

Parents and their grown kids tried to guess which silly secrets were true about each other, and which were just made up by the show's filthy-minded writers. As you might expect, the secrets were all about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Okay, I'm lying. None of the secrets were about rock 'n' roll. But the other two subjects got a severe workout.

I noticed that all three parent-child teams eventually walked away with some money, which was nice. After exposing so much stained laundry, everybody deserved a little cash. I was also happy when the cutest kid (pictured) went to the bonus round with her mother. Among other things, she found out that mom fondles her sleeping boyfriend's privates like a teddy bear. The mom's boyfriend, not the daughter's boyfriend.

I might as well play this game a little myself. If either of my grown kids are reading, I once had sex on a park bench in Nairobi, Kenya. Hey, the girl and I were both Peace Corps volunteers...and we were both horny. What can I say?

The show was so cheesy that it was basically irresistible. Jeff Dye hosted with the required snarkiness and a few decent ad-libs. A round of this game might actually lighten up Jerry Springer's talk show. Between fisticuffs, the combatants could try to guess stupid secrets about each other.

UPDATE: That Awkward Game Show scores okay but not great ratings for Spike. 515K viewers and a 0.27 18-49 rating. That was well down from its lead-in Ink Masters with 1182K and 0.57. By comparison, Spike averaged 579K/351K viewers prime time/total day last week.


  1. I beg your pardon, but all the promos I see indicate the show premieres tonight (Oct. 12, Wednesday). How is it that you watched the full episode early?

    1. Spike moved the debut up to last night (October 11) and posted the episode on their site today. That's where I watched it and got the screenshot.

  2. Thanks for clarifying...I couldn't find the episode after a bit of looking but will keep doing so.

  3. I was on the show, it was so funny my cheeks hurt from laughing, cant wait to see my episode.