Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Amy's adventures

I've been typing a lot lately. Four entries in two days plus the usual faux tweets and video blurbs. So I'll get lazy today and just repost some stuff from Game Show Paradise. It's about a GSN exec and a GSN show... 

Other poster: Is it too late for GSN to undo the stuff that [programming EVP] Amy Davis has done to it?

Amy's had some bad luck lately but she's also presided over the best ratings that the network has ever gotten. So she's pretty safe for now. But a few new hits wouldn't hurt. GSN hasn't had a new hit show for a while.

Other poster: Out of curiosity, do we know yet what numbers Scare Tactics got in its first week?

Scare Tactics total viewers (18-49 viewers). All numbers courtesy Douglas Pucci...

October 7
10:00 PM 209K (79K)
10:30 PM 209K (78K)

October 9
9:00 PM 148K (51K)
9:30 PM 101K (42K)
10:00 PM 90K (38K)
10:30 PM 77K (35K)

October 14
10:00 PM 182K (69K)
10:30 PM 188K (89K)

Bad numbers all around. Repeats of the show have already been cut back on the schedule, and it will almost certainly be gone completely after this month.

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  1. She'll be out after Friday night farts posts more failing numbers