Monday, October 17, 2016

A brief numbers note

The numbers for Hellevator stay godawful. 177K total viewers and a 0.04 18-49 rating. My snarky comments from Game Show Network News...

Hellevator is a disaster. It's not even getting demos and it makes Winsanity look like a runaway hit in total viewers. I wonder if GSN will just pull this stuff out of prime time and run it at midnight for the last two weeks. Don't even want to think about the repeat numbers, which must be a complete scratch on Nielsen's sample.

[After seeing the new pdf schedule...] GSN yanks Winsanity from prime time while leaving Friday Night Farts in prime time? Yeah, that makes sense. Is anybody at this network awake?

SLIGHTLY RELATED GSN UPDATE: The network will run some Halloween week eps from 2013-14 Wheel of Fortune on October 27 and 28. I assume we'll see the rest of Halloween week on October 31. As I commented sourly at Game Show Network News, I bet these eps get more viewers than Hellevator. But then just about anything would get more viewers than Hellevator.

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