Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trying out

Family Feud showed up in Baltimore for a contestant audition, and they got a pretty good turnout.

A staffer says the show received seven thousand e-mails from wannabe Baltimorean feuders. Not quite that many actually made it to the audition, but hundreds did turn up and tried out. A couple of enthusiastic types even turned handstands. Who knows, maybe the gymnastics will help get them on the show.

"We went upstairs," said Richard Minor, Minor family captain. "It was a line of people. I didn't realize it was gonna be this many people. So it was kind of intimidating a little bit."

Wait until you get out there under the lights, Mr. Minor. Just don't choke up on the survey questions.

"We're gonna pack up," said Danielle Bixler. "We're gonna get in hopefully an RV, drive down to Atlanta and get right on TV with Mr. Harvey."

Maybe John Steinbeck could have written a novel about a family named Joad from Oklahoma. They get tired of the Dust Bowl, load up the truck, and head for the promised land...a Family Feud taping.

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  1. I'm going to take this slightly off topic...The conversation about Harvey Feud many times turns to ratings and the numerous airings per day. Has anyone heard about a national Wheel roll out joining Jeopardy with previous season daytime replays. I ask because the site has a TV section to post info about the new season. One poster mentions WBZ in Boston will be adding a Jep/WoF hour before LMaD and TPiR. Just curious.