Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Random walk through the Interwebs

Without much to write about today, I hit the random page button on one of the lesser-known items in the blogroll, the Mark Goodson wiki. The page that came back was minimal, just a picture of Kyle Aletter, a model on The Price is Right back in the (now seemingly) ancient Bob Barker days. This set me off on a random walk through the game show Interwebs.

Google and Wikipedia told me that Kyle (born 1960) is the daughter of Lee Meriwether and Frank Aletter, both of modest show biz fame. I saw Lee on a GSN Match Game ep not long ago. The Price is Right wiki, another item in the blogroll, offered a much longer article on Kyle that sounded agent-y and/or web page-y. She's now known as Kyle Aletter Oldham, after her marriage to Rory Oldham in 1992. They have one daughter.

Sources differ as to whether the marriage has ended or not. Google seems to think that it lasted until 2006. Kyle Aletter Oldham has a twitter feed, but it's mostly political - she loves Hillary and hates Trump - and the personal tweets are few and far between.

To be honest, I had never heard of the lady before today, but I'm not the world's biggest TPiR fan. I did find some YouTube video of her work on The Price is Right, which produced the screenshot. And speaking of politics, IMDb told me that she was in The Day After, the 1983 TV movie that tried to scare us all into thinking Reagan would start World War III any minute. Who could have known that the USSR and the Cold War would both end less than a decade later, without any nuclear contretemps?

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  1. Kyle Aletter was a contestant on TPIR in 1983. She played Poker Game and won but did not make the SHowcase. She was a Barker beauty fill off and on from the mid 80s through 1996. She stood in for Lacey Pemberton for a week or two when Lacey was with child during the run of Eubanks Card Sharks in 1988.