Thursday, September 8, 2016

O Canada

Recall that weird story a while back about how Canadians couldn't take the online test for Jeopardy? It had something to do with Canada's nasty online privacy laws. It looks like the lawyers have figured out a workaround, because when Jeopardy opens the new season's online testing this month, Canucks can join us folks south of the border in trying their luck.

"I always say the contestants are the real stars of Jeopardy, and I encourage those of you who enjoy playing along at home to try out for the show" said Jeopardy host [and Ontario's own] Alex Trebek.

Registration for the test begins the same day as the new season, September 12. College students can take the test starting September 28, while grownups can join in beginning October 4. This is Alex's 33rd season with the quizzer to make the world safe for quizzers. And the format dates back more than a half-century to the ancient Art Fleming days. What hath Merv Griffin's wife wrought?

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