Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Moving up the list

University of Georgia Ph.D. theater student Seth Wilson is climbing the wins ladder on Jeopardy.

He won his seventh game yesterday, though it was a squeaker on the final clue. Sometimes you get lucky with an opponent's bet. U.S. Game Shows Wiki tells me that only twelve players have won more games in a row than Seth since the venerable quizzer went to the unlimited wins rule in 2003. The big dog of winning, of course, is Ken Jennings. His 74-game record is absurdly far out in front of everybody else. Cricket fans - I know you're out there - will think of Don Bradman towering over every other batsman with his 99.94 test batting average. I'll take non-U.S. sports stuff for $200, Alex.

Sure, nobody knows how many other people would still be in front of Seth if Jeopardy had allowed unlimited wins from its inception in 4 BC. (The show started sometime around that year.) But we're talking about more than two thousand eps under the "new" rule. It's impressive that Seth only has a dozen winners in front of him.

And now I've probably jinxed the poor guy. We'll see later today.

UPDATE: Well, I didn't jinx him, at least not yet. Seth has now won eight straight and only has eight winners in front of him on the list. Stay tuned.


  1. Seth won last night because the second place player got FJ! right and underwagered(he missed FJ, second place got it right)

  2. And he lost in game thirteen yesterday, go to Jboard for the details.